Michael Fitzsimmons CPA

San Diego, CA

(619) 757-1500     info@fitz-cpa.com

Contact / Directions

Phone / Fax / E-mail

Phone: 619-757-1500
Fax: 619-757-1501
E-mail: info@fitz-cpa.com

Physical & Mailing Address

1450 Frazee Road, Suite 310
San Diego, CA 92108-4340

Directions to Our Office

Our office is in Mission Valley, near the intersection of Friars Road and the 163 Freeway. The 7-storey office building is just behind the gas station and Denny's restaurant, and the number “1450” is clearly visible facing Friars Road. We are across Friars Road from Hazard Center, and kitty-corner across the 163 freeway and Friars Road from the Fashion Valley shopping mall.

I recommend against MapQuest or other Internet directions because they may have you driving through back streets far out of the way.

From the 163 freeway, exit Friars Road East, then left* at the gas station (Frazee Rd - big traffic light intersection), and then take the first left into our parking lot. The diagonal parking spaces next to Frazee Rd are the widest (in case you’re driving a Hummer or some other big tax deduction).

* After exiting from the 163 freeway, you need to immediately cut all the way over to the left as soon as you get onto Friars Rd, in order to get into the left turn lane to make the left turn onto Frazee Rd. Please be careful since at times there can be too much traffic to safely get all the way to the left lane in time. If you can't make it all the way across safely, stay in the right lane on Friars Road and exit to Mission Center Road, then turn left to cross under Friars Road and left again to get onto Friars Road going West. Stay in the right lane to take the first right, which is Frazee Road, then the first left into our parking lot.

We are on the third floor in Suite 310.

If the door to the building lobby is locked, call 619-757-1500, extension 20 (or try extension 27) and someone will come down and let you in. Note that the intercom system for our suite does not ring our phones.

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I am a fee-only professional compensated on an hourly or project-fee basis. I maintain my independence and objectivity by refusing to sell insurance, annuities, mutual funds, or software –
I do not earn commissions.